System Integration


As the business world becomes more and more competitive, IT is becoming a crucial tool to ensure that businesses stays ahead of its competition. However, many companies do not realize that without proper management, IT can turn to be a disaster instead of a valuable asset.

At COMSERV, we strive to help your businesses realize the full potential of IT so that you can run your business efficiently and securely. Our goal is to help you simplify selection, deployment, and management of IT infrastructure, software applications, and business systems to get your business ready. So you can focus on what is more important. That is, your business profitability and increase in efficiency.



Network/System Infrastructure & Security

While companies want to get on board cloud computing and embrace the trend of bring your own devices (BYOD), business owners are concerned about security and potential data leakage. Viruses and miscellaneous threats on the web are more than ever today and the number of attacks grows every day. Research has also shown that the motives of these attacks have changed over the years from notoriety to malicious criminal intentions.

As the world gets more competitive, business will need to deploy mobile workforce to stay ahead of the competition. Employees will often be required to work outside the office or at home during and after office hours. Due to the external access of information, businesses are concerned about data security over the Internet. However, with the right systems and tools from COMSERV, you can ensure peace of mind knowing that all your information are safe and secure.

We have expertise in designing and supporting data centers to ensure that your business critical data are readily available at all times. We work closely with leading manufacturers of power, precision cooling and infrastructure management systems to provide reliable power supply, backup and cooling systems for our customers.

On top of that, we also provide certified network cabling works. With over 28 years of experience in network infrastructure and with the availability of certified cabling engineers, you can be assured that we do not compromise for anything other than the best.


Backup & Data Management

One of the major concerns companies have is data availability in the event of disasters such as hardware failure and how long is the data restoration cycle. For some companies a few hours of data loss could result in a significant loss in revenue. We work hand in hand with our customers to provide the best backup solution as well as data management policies to suit their needs and budget.



ICT Equipment & Solutions

From hardware to software, computers and servers to mobile devices, we partner with the major industry players to provide everything you need in IT to run your business. We will even go the extra mile to recommend you the best suited equipment for your environment.


Managed Services

Having problems finding resources to maintain your hardware and software to keep it in tip top working conditions? We can maintain them for you, after all, this is our forte!

Do you feel that your operations is too small or do you find that it is too expensive and unnecessary to maintain the IT operation? Why not, let us manage your IT needs for you! We believe that IT is a privilege that every businesses should enjoy and reap the benefits. Let us worry about your IT needs so that you can concentrate on your business.


We provide complete IT solutions to run your business securely to help you in achieving your business goals.